No one fights harder than a threatened mother and my family is under attack.

Over the past four years I have spent $121,022.00 on healthcare.  Since 2019 my premiums increased by 37% and are now $2,616.63 PER MONTH for a family of three Silver plan.  This does not include deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance and the denials (1 out of 5 in network claims are denied) that are sure to come.   My policy is with the ACA which 9 out of 10 cannot afford, and the subsidies, that go to the insurance companies, are PAID BY US TAXPAYERS!  Premiums will only go up and they increase our property, (see our tax and healthcare sections) state, and federal taxes every year!  All  this money, and we still have to fight for care while the insurance companies report billions in profit every quarter!

What pushed me over the edge was my insurance carrier denying me a onetime $250.00 medication prescribed by my OBGYN to help with pain (non-narcotic) during a routine procedure.  I completed the exam without the medication. I was in pain, disgusted, and humiliated, but more than anything I was angry. Very angry.

This was by no means my only experience with the cruelty of healthcare in our country, but it was the turning point where I said enough is enough and I decided to fight back with all I have.

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I am 62 years old and have been married to my husband Mike, an electrician and Navy Veteran for 28 years. We have two young adult children. Prior to starting our small electrical contracting business in 2006, I was a NJ licensed Property Casualty Insurance Underwriter for 20 years. 

When I grew up, most families could get by with only one parent working.  If both parents worked, childcare was affordable.  If we needed to go to a doctor, we could, without worrying about cost or networks.  If we wanted to go to college, we were able to save for it.  We could find decent jobs with a high school or trade school education, like I did. Buying a car or saving for a home was possible. If you worked hard and applied yourself, you could go as far as you wanted.  Now, that has all but disappeared.  If you work hard and apply yourself, you may be able to afford the necessities to get by. If you have saved and are retired, you could lose everything you own with one injury or illness.  The American Dream is out of reach and far too many Americans NEED to stay in a lower income bracket where they can "qualify" for assistance.  That has got to change!

All of my research into the issues that affect our lives today has lead me to campaign finance reform.  Clean up how our elected officials get their money and we start to see laws that work for us again.  That is the work I want to do and I hope you will send me to Congress to start cleaning up OUR house!

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity ” ~ Albert Einstein

We are overwhelmed with crises right now.  Inflation is at a record high, the cost of food and gas is skyrocketing, healthcare is more unaffordable than ever, housing, education, and even buying a vehicle are out of reach for so many of us.  Add to that our “normal” crises of our border, choking property taxes, climate change, social injustice and the list goes on and on.  It is no wonder we are so frustrated and at each other all the time.  With all these problems, it is almost impossible to be hopeful.

The truth is we can be hopeful and I believe Einstein's quote is more possible today than ever before.  All we need is the courage to change what we canAll of these issues could have and should have been addressed long ago. We have the keys to our own prison, we just need leadership that is brave enough to use them.

Anyone who knows me, knows I go on and on about campaign finance reform.  For decades, and especially since SCOTUS’s ruling on Citizens United in 2010, our members of congress have become addicted to donations from industry and the wealthy, and in return, OUR members write legislation that works for their big donors, not for us.  In fact, Congress used to have staffers that wrote legislation based on our needs, now most laws are written directly by or heavily influenced by the big donors themselves.  THAT is why nothing changes to benefit us.  THAT is why the tax code is 70K pages long, THAT is why we are not energy independent, THAT is why we cannot afford healthcare, THAT is why there is a border crisis, THAT is why we have a for-profit prison system.  THAT is why on nearly every issue.

The solution is to simply change THAT and it is not as hard as you might think. The 26th Amendment to lower the voting age to 18 was ratified in less than four months!   I propose a constitutional amendment to clean up our campaigns. This would be structural reform that would return power back to the people.  It would remove the choke hold of money in our congress and allow them to work for us again as was originally intended by our founders.  We have not had a constitutional amendment in nearly 30 years and we are past due for some serious “house” cleaning.  It can be done, and I will fight like hell to make it happen!