Term Limits

Finally, something we all agree on. Nearly every study, survey, and poll indicates overwhelming support for term limits in Congress. So why hasn’t this changed? Because the lawmakers in power want to stay right where they are. Nearly 25% of Congress have served 12 or more years, and even with historically low approval ratings, incumbents have a re-election rate of 90%. Campaign finance is largely responsible for this phenomenon. Through the financial backing of special interests and wealthy donors, many of our policy makers have been able to stay in office for decades. And despite public opinion, lawmakers are not likely to pass legislation limiting their own terms.

We face a daunting task, to be certain, but our country is due for a few changes to benefit “we the people,” and adopting a Constitutional Amendment that limits terms of lawmakers would be a great place to start.

This issue alone alone is responsible for so much of the gridlock and corruption in Washington and would go a long to way to clean up Congress. We are divided over so many issues and problems; here is an opportunity for Americans to rally for a common cause and to restore some unity in our country. Imagine that!