New Jersey has the highest effective property tax rate in the country. The median property tax bill is $9,284.00.  In NJ, you can expect to pay nearly $1 million in taxes over the course of your life.

Can property taxes go down?

I say yes!

Not only can they go down, they can go down substantially, a minimum of 15% for many of us. In order to understand how, we first need to understand what is included in our property tax bills and where reductions can be made. School taxes are by far the highest portion for every town. Why is that? One of the most expensive items in the school budget is the cost of the health insurance premiums for school employees. Our local budgets include millions in private health insurance premiums of all of our public workers.  The median teacher's salary in our state is $66,177.00, and the yearly family health insurance premium is $30,595.00. In many towns, we actually pay employees thousand of dollars a year NOT to have insurance.   No wonder our taxes are so high and so many residents are forced to leave.

I believe the solution to outrageous property taxes and a failed health care system is Medicare for All.

Under M4A you would pay a percentage (4-6%) tax on your adjusted gross income. You pay only for yourself and your family, no more inflated public employee premiums would be included in our property taxes. This would save NJ taxpayers billions per year. With M4A there could be substantial savings on Worker’s Compensation that would be realized in our local budgets as well. No more duplicate coverage, no more cost sharing, no more paying for everyone else.  

During this pandemic, insurance companies are netting record multi-billion dollar PROFITS per quarter.  Since moving the ACA to NJ under "Get Covered NJ" the number of people who cannot afford premiums has risen to 9 out of 10.  Don't be fooled by ACA subsidies as they are paid by us taxpayers in our state and federal taxes.   Healthcare has nothing to do with the protection or maintenance of our properties and it’s time to get those ever-increasing premiums out of our budgets. 

Here is the bottom line: We are one of the highest taxed States in the nation, largely because of a wasteful health insurance system. But we don’t have to be, Medicare for All will provide substantial relief for all NJ taxpayers.  Imagine how your town would benefit from such a substantial savings.  You could provide input as to where that money would go...give our teachers and  police a REAL raise, FIX OUR ROADS, improve our schools, a reduction to taxpayers.  There are so many possibilities and they are within reach, IF we elect representatives that will really fight for it.   I am the only candidate that supports Medicare for All!