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The old saying "You have to fight fire with fire" is true. It is hard to run on the issue of campaign finance reform and yet need to ask for donations. Running a campaign does cost money. We rely solely on small donor contributions and I am paying what I can myself. I can assure you every dollar will be spent as if it were my own and we will provide full financial transparency.


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Nothing feels better than fighting back and we have something for every comfort level. My favorite is going door to door and talking with residents, but that is not for everyone. Phone banking is rewarding and allows you to connect with fellow New Jerseyans from the comfort of your own home. Other options include putting mailings together, social media outreach, even data entry. You will never start on your own, we have volunteers who will assist you until you are ready. No job is too small and every effort gets us closer to getting this necessary work done.

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Everyday we will be updating our campaign status. You will see where we have been and the progress we are making. Believe it or not, campaigns are a lot of fun and you never know how any given day will go. Follow us in real time on the ups and downs of this campaign as we fight to bring EFFECTIVE CHANGE from the top down.

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