Do you want to see Veronica debate Cory Booker?

Dear fellow NJ resident:

We have an important election coming up this November.  A lot is at stake across the country and right here in NJ. With nearly 9 million residents and only 5 candidates named on the ballot, it is crucial to learn as much about each and their positions as is possible.

In 2018 there were 6 qualified senate candidates. However, only the Democratic and Republican candidates had access to the debate stage. The remaining 4 were not allowed to participate. For far too long qualified and well-meaning candidates have been excluded from participating because they do not have the backing nor the financial resources of a major political party to advance them.   

During the primary I fought as an Independent and ordinary citizen to get equal access for petition signatures and I won. It was not easy, but I was persistent and was able to qualify thanks to the help from supporters like you. I am now fighting for that same equal access to the debate stage and your signature on my petition will help me and the other candidates get there.



Do you want to see Veronica debate Cory Booker?


There are many different ideas and visions out there to help our state. Our residents deserve to hear from all candidates, not just Democrats and Republicans. Please sign my petition now to get me on the debate stage and help NJ residents be the best-informed voters they can be. 


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