Campaign Finance Reform

This is my number one issue. It is not the centerpiece of any campaign that I am aware of, nor is it discussed at any length in the media, and you certainly won’t see social media postings with fevered comments in support or against, however, I consider it to be THE ISSUE of all issues. Indeed, ANY issue that affects you is surely rooted in campaign financing and lobbying. Billions of dollars are spent each year to affect legislation and it pays off, but not for us and that is exactly why I’m running. If we get the money out, Congress can start to work for us again.

We all agree there are many issues. Healthcare accessibility and costs are crushing me, but for you it may be taxes, childcare,  environment, gun safety, education, social justice, discrimination or infrastructure. The list goes on and on and it is baffling to constantly hear that we are the richest county in the history of the world and yet most of us struggle and live paycheck to paycheck.

How can that be?

Because most laws are not written to benefit people.

They say money is the root of all evil and that is particularly true of our Congress. Whether there is 0% or 100% public support on any issue there is only a 30% chance of our Congress passing a law to address it. That is disturbing. Our congress has become dependent on special interest donations and that affects what legislation is passed. Until we have campaign finance reform, we will have no effective movement on any issue.

In 2021 alone, there were nearly 12,000 registered lobbyists.

(Remember, we have only 535 total members of Congress.)

The healthcare industry alone has 2 full time lobbyists plus staff for each member of congress.

That is who our representatives spend their time with and they are very well financed. If we take the money out and end their undue influence, Congress members, regardless of party affiliation, will be free to compromise and work together to write laws that benefit the people who pay taxes and elect them into office.

That is what my campaign is all about. Campaign finance reform is THE ISSUE that is at the root of all issues. Currently, there are many national bi partisan and nonpartisan groups dedicated to this cause and they are doing good work. However, this is too important and needs to be fought from the top down as well. That is what I will do every single day I am in office. I want to restore hope about our future. We can be civil and respectful again. We all have good ideas and our representatives need to put our interests first.