We’re on a mission to blast the swamp and get decision making back to the people

Campaign Finance Reform

My name is Veronica Fernandez. I was born and raised in Northern NJ and I have lived here my entire life. Our problems are getting worse to be sure and money in politics is just one on a long list, but it is THE MAIN REASON why so little gets done. I am exhausted from the two-party system and the misunderstanding, divisiveness, and gridlock it creates. Every year we vote with hope only to be disappointed when campaign promises fall flat. This November, NJ's CD7 can let Washington know we are fed up and want real representation from an Independent that will put them first before party leadership or big donors.

I am not a typical candidate. I am not wealthy or a well connected party insider. What I am is a wife, mother, self employed, proud blue collar business owner who every day tries to figure it out and it just keeps getting harder. Taxes and healthcare costs have pushed me to my limit. I am fearful for our children and their futures. I am done with worrying and am taking action. I have decided to go all in and “be the change I want to see”. I am only ONE PERSON, but one person CAN MAKE a difference... A BIG DIFFERENCE!

Why Veronica is running to represent you in Congress

A return to civility and ending gridlock

Neither Democrats nor Republicans control Congress, money does. Voters and taxpayers don’t decide on legislation, money does. Research any issue that is important to you and you will find special interest and big donor fingerprints all over our laws.

I am running to get the money out of Congress so that our representatives, regardless of party, can compromise and enact laws that benefit we the people. I want 2022 to be the year we return to civility towards one another and live the promise of democracy as it was meant to be.